Finally A Business That Has 100% Success Rate Rather Than 97% of People Failing


JetCoin was created as a way for 100% of people to succeed rather than 97% fail.

Both in business and in trading...MOST people fail badly. With our automated system that allows anyone to duplicate their BitCoin without recruiting others, completely sets us apart from other business models.

We are committed to providing a system of Duplication, Automation, and Trading Strategies, that are second to none.

If you want to double your BitCoin in 60 Days or sooner, then JetCoin is the answer!

Finally A Business That Has 100% Success Rate Rather Than 97% of People Failing

Don’t be another statistic. Join the fastest growing trend in the industry, and take advantage of doubling your BitCoin in 60 Days.

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Your BitCoins Double Every 60 Days without any extra activities

Daily Pay

BitCoin will hit your wallet every single day automatically. No more waiting weeks for your payments.

Top Notch Technology

JetCoin uses the most robust system on the market today to provide you with real time date, directly in your account.


Participate in the massive growth of BitCoin with the top trading team in the industry without massive fees.

Market Growth

BitCoin is the fastest growing currency in the world. Not only will you be able to duplicate your BitCoin, but you will be able to participate in the growth of the currency.


With the power of our dynamic binary you have the power to double your BitCoin even quicker by sharing the JetCoin opportunity.



Having access to the sharpest minds in the industry has allowed us to create a system where everyone can win and duplicate their BitCoin in 60 Days.


Save Yourself Some Time Energy & Money...Rather than learning the markets and making costly mistakes with your own money, allow our professional traders do the work for you.

The Gap

In any any market there is a “gap”. Otherwise known as “the spread”. This gap is what allows our traders to take advantage of the markets and allow you to participate in JetCoin’s profits.

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Compensation Plan

Automation + Duplication = Massive Earnings

1st - Passive Earnings -
JetCoin will pay up to 3.3% in daily earnings. At the end of 60 Days you will have double your BTC,
and will have the choice to renew your contract for another 60 days.

2nd - Binary Earnings -
Your Binary payout percentage is determined by which package you purchase. The binary pays up to 18% on the
weaker leg all the way to infinity! Binary Earnings are paid daily!

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We have created several packages to fit your budget. You simply have to decide which option works best for you, and start doubling your BitCoin every 60 Days!

  • .05 BTC
  • Doesn’t Double in 60 Days
  • 5% Binary Earnings
  • Daily Max .10 BTC
  • Monthly Max 3 BTC
  • .30 BTC
  • Doubles Every 60 Days
  • 7% Binary Earnings
  • Daily Max .60 BTC
  • Monthly Max 18 BTC
  • 0.50 BTC
  • Doubles Every 60 Days
  • 9% Binary Earnings
  • Daily Max 1 BTC
  • Monthly Max 30 BTC
  • 1 BTC
  • Doubles Every 60 Days
  • 11% Binary Earnings
  • Daily Max 2 BTC
  • Monthly Max 60 BTC
  • 2 BTC
  • Doubles Every 60 Days
  • 13% Binary Earnings
  • Daily Max 4 BTC
  • Monthly Max 120 BTC
  • 3 BTC
  • Doubles Every 60 Days
  • 15% Binary Earnings
  • Daily Max 6 BTC
  • Monthly Max 180 BTC
  • 4 BTC
  • Doubles Every 60 Days
  • 18% Binary Earnings
  • Daily Max 8 BTC
  • Monthly Max 240 BTC